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Destination Southeast is Fast Approaching!

Goodman Speakers Bureau is thrilled to be partnering with Northstar Meetings Group and sponsoring Jeremy Kingsley at Destination Southeast May 19-21.

Jeremy will focus his presentation on the importance of building strong and meaningful relationships to help improve every type of business. Employees in every position at an organization should know, understand, and feel how valuable they are to the team. In addition to employees, customers should know how much they are appreciated as well! No Employees + No Customers = No Business! It is important to give the care and attention to all aspects of your business to achieve success.

Jeremy is a rare communicator who not only speaks to the mind, but to the heart. His unique understanding combined with humor, an amazing ability to inspire, challenge, and entertain audiences makes each program a valuable experience. Jeremy believes that inspired people produce results and that people can change, grow, and fulfill their personal and professional goals. Focus, examine, and discover the endless opportunities that can change your company and life!

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 Jeremy Kingsley