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Destination Caribbean with Gary Bradt

Dr. Gary Bradt is a leadership speaker, author, clinical psychologist, leadership consultant, and C-suite executive coach. Gary helps organizations rise to the challenge of adapting to constant change. Goodman Speakers Bureau is excited to be partnering with Northstar Meetings Group and sponsoring Gary at Destination Caribbean August 21-24.

Gary shared with Successful Meetings his Top 10 Tips for Leading Change. Listed below are 4 of his tips. To see the full list of how to successfully lead yourself, team, and organization through change, check out the article here!

  1. Believe- Believe that change creates opportunities.
  2. Make a To-Who List- Build strong relationships with people who you can count on.
  3. Let go- Do not regret the past or fear the future. Live in the present.
  4. Latch On- Hold on to your values to help point you back in the right direction if change leaves you feeling lost.

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 Gary Bradt