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Destination California, Here We Come

Goodman Speakers Bureau is thrilled to be partnering with Northstar Meetings Group and sponsoring Shira Abel at Destination California May 9-12! Shira will be discussing how businesses, and the meetings industry in particular, is changing due to technology advancements. Mobile and Internet of Things have changed the amount of data that companies are collecting about us, as well as the way we buy. How we touch and swipe on our smartphones can tell a company what mood we’re in. Combine these advancements with developments in behavior economics, and people are becoming more predictable than ever. Shira will help you recognize the importance of innovation in a way that initiates the right actions.

Shira’s specialty is providing startups, small companies, and intrapaneurs with innovative marketing ideas. Her talk will explore how people within a company who promote innovate product development and marketing can implement changes that can help them succeed. Shira will help you realize the benefits of being more open to using technology to achieve greater success for your organization.

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 Shira Abel