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Daydream It... Believe It... Achieve It!

Daydreams really do make dreams come true. Don’t believe it? Just ask Michael Lyons.

Michael was recently a guest on the Greater Good Project radio show airing on WCHE 1520 AM, and available to stream below. The show focuses on changing the world one conversation at a time. During Michael’s discussion with host, Donna Saul, he explained his life journey; how he was an executive in the hospitality industry and decided to leave it all behind to make a change and go after his dream of being an actor.

While everyone daydreams, most people do not make a change. People might be afraid because there is risk involved. People might be influenced by negative people around them. These people choose to stay stuck and not chase their dreams.

Michael explains that there is a way to convert your daydream into an actual reality. It’s important to break down your dream into small, small tasks which can then lead up to realizing your dream.

In order to not give up, it is important to surround yourself with people who can help you pursue your daydreams and be very disciplined. There needs to be a plan, and you have to be committed to sticking to the plan, even if you are afraid.

Fear holds most people back in making their daydream a reality. You have to have faith in yourself not to give up and to be OK living in the in-between before your dream is realized.

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 Michael Lyons