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Creativity Driving Business

Josh Linkner has always been creative. He began his career as a jazz musician and understood the importance of creativity in music. It wasn’t until he started his own business that he realized that creativity is also the driving force in business. Josh argues that all humans are enormously innovative. Many people do not believe that they are creative, but it is because they have not developed the skills. People need practice. With practice, people will remove their fear and be more willing to share their ideas.

While many people choose to play it safe, Josh argues that there are several ways in order to unleash creativity.

1. Develop creativity

  • Create a safe environment.
  • Give yourself practice and permission to be creative.
  • Ask questions. With more questions, we challenge the norms.

2. Micro-innovations

  • Every day make small changes. Whether it be how you run your Monday morning meetings, or how you present your proposal, simple changes are key.
  • With small injections of creativity every day, it will be impossible not to progress and develop the skills needed to unleash your potential.

Be sure to check out Josh’s new book, The Road to Reinvention.

Listen to Josh’s full interview on Greater Good Project Radio Show with Donna Saul below!

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