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Adventures at Destination California

Interested in gaining valuable business connections and targeted education while being hosted by Northstar Meetings Group? Northstar Meetings Group’s media brands, Meetings & Conventions, Successful Meetings, and Incentive Magazine, sponsor several outings and tourist attraction excursions at every event. Meeting professionals have the opportunity to fully experience destination locations while also learning industry specific information. Forget getting stuck in a hotel ballroom, attendees have the opportunity to explore each wonderful destination city!

In addition to experiencing the culture of the destination city, these events provide time for meeting professionals to have on-on-one appointments with leading suppliers. Attendees have the opportunity to meet and engage with vendors, and further their professional development through unique networking events.
There are also educational sessions where meeting professionals get to experience keynote speakers first-hand. By seeing the speaker’s presentation, meeting professionals are able to know exactly what each speaker can offer to an audience when booking them in the future.

Shira Abel was one of the featured speakers at Destination California and gave practical and insightful information on branding and marketing for organizations. She provided relevant, research-based examples and information to make your company more memorable to the customer. Shira also shared her belief in the power of relationships. Conversations, charisma, and wisdom all contribute to building strong brand loyalty and long term success.

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 Shira Abel