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3 Speakers Who Help You Build a Successful Team

Looking to build your employees into a cohesive team? Below are 3 keynote experiences that have powerful messages to foster successful teamwork.

  1. Afterburner Seminars
    Several former fighter pilots, US Navy SEALs, and other elite military professionals train organizations not only how to plan a mission, but how to execute that mission flawlessly from start to finish. Audiences learn about the Flawless Execution Model to complete battle-tested mission-planning exercises to encourage communication and operating as one unit.
  2. Robyn Benincasa
    As a three-time Guinness World Records kayaker, San Diego firefighter, and 10-time Ironman triathlete, Robyn understands how to face and conquer challenges. Teams that work together have the greatest odds of succeeding.
  3. Jim Davidson
    Jim shares with audiences his story of survival as a high-altitude climber and expedition leader. He encourages teams to examine and debate human dynamic issues that occur under pressure, establish what makes a resilient leader, and identify how engaged team members act- no matter the conditions.
    1. These team-building experts create memorable programs that are powerful and interactive. If you are looking to create long-term strategies and create the ideal team environment, these speakers are a good place to start!

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