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The Biggest Loser’s Jay Jacobs Inspires Weight Loss and Wellness

Motivational speaker Jay Jacobs starred on the 11th season of NBC’s The Biggest Loser, starting the show at 435 lbs. and finishing 181 lbs. lighter. Healthier lifestyles lead to better overall corporate health and greater productivity for organizations. Jay’s personal journey motivates others to tackle their own health challenges and live a healthier lifestyle.AfterJay


Jay, an admitted technophile, has authored an eBook with his daughter Jennifer titled Smartphone Fit, which helps people lose weight by using a smartphone and social media to reach the community and resources needed to mindfully lose weight and keep it off.

Jay teaches audiences the tricks and tools he used to make his transformation from obesity to fitness. His before and after pictures, and his candor about how he learned to but honest with himself and others about his eating habits is inspiring and motivating. For a peek of what Jay can do for your client’s next meeting, check out Jay’s Bio & Video.

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 Jay Jacobs