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Kaplan Mobray drops by the Goodman Speakers Bureau

"Live a life by decision, not by default."


Recently, we were paid a visit by personal branding expert Kaplan Mobray. Kaplan stopped by to have lunch with the GSB team and discuss some of the topics he's focusing on with audiences. Kaplan's main goal is to help people focus on their careers and improve all areas of their lives. While this goal seems lofty, one of the rewards Kaplan most often spoke of was the impact he sought to make with his speaking. If an individual attending can walk away with tangible strategies to improve their lives, he counted that as a success.

We learned that Kaplan doesn't use PowerPoint—at all. “I have no slides!” Kaplan shouts to his audiences. The announcement is always met with wild applause. “My style is very loose and very free,” Kaplan explained. His talks are high energy and engaging, and injected with the appearance of his alto saxophone, which he uses to loosen up the crowd and get people out of their seats.

But when he gets down to business, his talks are passionate and inspiring. Kaplan's book, the 10Ks of Personal Branding, walks people through what it takes to be better—at everything. “You are the most important product you can sell and the most important brand you can create,” says Kaplan. His philosophy and passion for speaking is to inspire people to “live a life by decision, not by default.”  Personal branding is about focusing on the person that you know you are, or the person you want to become, he explained.  Personal branding is important not only for personal growth, but career growth as well.  "Know why you are doing what you are doing today and how it shapes where you are headed tomorrow."  Sage advice for business leaders and team members alike.

For Kaplan Mobray's full biography and video clip, click here.

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