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Chip Bell: Innovation, Service, and Leadership


Chip Bell is a busy guy.

Chip Bell, expert on Innovation Service.
Chip Bell, expert on Innovation Service

Chip is an author and consultant who has spent 20 years helping companies become famous for the kind of service experiences that result in devoted customers, enhanced reputation and significant growth. His newest book, The 9½ Principles of Innovative Service is already receiving high praise. Ken Blanchard called it, “A book that will inspire you to delight your customers.” Dan Pink said, “full of fun stories that will inspire you to add your own special touch to service.”

His newest speech topic, Innovation Service reflects some of the best lessons This month he published an article in HR.com/Leadership Excellence Magazine titled “Leading Innovation.” Chip explains, “remarkable service not only requires market and organizational leadership but, more importantly, it requires the perpetual pursuit of innovative ways to make customers' experience sparkly and consistent, enriching and profitable. Value-added has gotten way too expensive; smart organizations focus on value-unique. Service innovation paves the way for a “take their breath away” experience that can overcome customer resistance to price during challenging economic times.” Click here full bio and video of Chip Bell. To Book Chip for your next meeting or event call us at 800-875-2893 or email Diane at diane@goodmanspeakersbureau.com.

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