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5 Inspirational Quotes from Our Speakers

Goodman Speakers Bureau Inspirational Quotes

5 Inspirational Quotes from Our Speakers
These five inspirational quotes from the speakers here at GSB are sure to help motivate you to live life to the fullest! To learn more about each speaker, click on their name above.

  1. "When we pollute the moment with excessive distraction and stimulation, it affects our ability to slow time, to record memories, and to truly appreciate life." - David Romanelli
  2. "Look at the irony in life. It grounds you." - Paul Assaiante
  3. "Only you can decide what is most important in your life." - Jim Craig
  4. "Think about who you want to be, before you think about what you have to do." - Heidi Hanna
  5. "We are all one deliberate choice away from doing the right thing." - Scarlett Lewis